WC2 View



I downloaded wc2 view but it doesn't seem to be working very well. The colors are all weird and it's very dark when it shows the images. Maybe I'm not using it right. Here's how I did it: after I installed it I went into the ksaga wc2 directory(maybe it doesn't work for ksaga?) and right clicked on shipv12 or some other ship and then clicked on "view with" and selected wc2view.exe. It showed a ship that I could turn by pressing any key but the colors where all dark purples and blues and after turning the image for a while the program closed itself. What is wrong?
The only way I can get it to work is to run command.com (you can do it from windows... it's the shortcut called MS-DOS Prompt) then going to the directory with both your ship files and the viewer... then type

wc2view ship.v??

where the ?? is the number of the ship file

it should then go into full screen mode. Press any key to go to the next view. When you reach the final picture the program will close.


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I found WC2 View buggy myself. It is more difficult to run the program properly than it was suppose to go.

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