WC1 Speed issue


Rear Admiral
I have WC1 from gog. I've been playing the game without failed missions, up until the last mission in McAullife.

This mission is no joke. Heavy enemy fighters and an ace. In addition escorting the Drayman.

I don't prefer cheating, but it seems I have to, for this mission. When there are at least 3 or more enemies, I experience heavy slow down, particularly with the handling of my ship. But if I turn the invulnerable cheat on, there is no slowdown. So my question is: Does turning the cheat on affect the speed of the game when it's covered with enemy fighters? Or can I make an adjustment in dosbox, and avoid cheating.

I play with the keyboard, and I know the Scimitar is slow. But the handling of the ship is like "night and day", when enabling the cheat.
Thanks for any help.