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Chernikov: Put that bullheadedness away. Because SM2 is even worse than SM1... believe me, when you fly the Dralthi, you won't be trying to destroy everything, you'll just be trying to survive.
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Mad Hatter: that can't be it. When I disabeled the cach on my old p166 Wc2 ran fine, but WC1 was still a tad too fast.

I don`t know what to say. Fact remains it still runs to slow. And believe me, I know a bit about computers, so I didn`t miss anything with the disabling.
If it runs too slowly when disabling the cache just disable L2 cache and not L1. If it runs too fast, you may be insane


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Flipping between the caches maybe be a good idea to experiment with.
..Just as long as you don't do anything boneheaded, you'll be fine! (most of the time...).

Just experiment!
In the end, you'll get it to work.
...Or maybe you won't *shrugs*
...Or maybe the experimentation will format your hard-drive *shrugs*

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I'll try the cache. If that does'nt work, it's time to resurrect that 486-33 in the closet. I still think it had something to do with your graphics card and the free time available to your CPU. Thanks, guys

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I reccomend buying about 5 386's, then combining them to make a good one. Anyway, as for the dralthi in SM2, I like it, fast, and the best overall guns

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