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How do you get more hardpoints onto a ship model? Snuzzleduck has a pretty good Starfury model except it lacks a cockpit and a couple other things so i'm looking at life from the missile's point of view. Interesting, but it makes targeting just a bit awkward. Any ideas how to fix?
It's fairly easy when you know what to look for and where. I could tell you but then I'd have to kill ya. Actually, right now I'm really not up for going into how to modify existing files and all that. Maybe tomorrow-or maybe when I put the game editing section up on my page, we can discuss it there.

Didn't Snuzzle's model of the the Furrie come from Killerwave? The two are apparently working on adding more texures, I don't recall, but doen't the Furrie already have 2 or 3 missile hardpoints? Go to WCP edit and bring up the furry, go to make new ship model, go through the steps and make gun hardpoints have missiles and whatever other hardpoints for that matter carry missiles.

Editing existing hardpoints is easier than adding new ones. The cockpit can be moved with the hardpoint it's on-where I don't recall. It's been a while since I looked at that model. Isn't the cockpit in the middle anyway? Do tell, how is it, what did you say?, akward?

Come over to my page and we can discuss editing there as well. It's the last link on the page if I recall accurately.
Let me know what you think of my WC section in its infancy. I'm changing the whole layout for reader convenience. Should have the WC section done up through Academy by Sunday. I'm procrastinating on the rest of the site.

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Killerwave made that model, and he didn't use a cockpit hardpoint. i think i may be able to get one added if you want. i'll give it a shot anyway.
The problem isnt editing hardpoints, which is nice and intuitive in WCPEdit. The problem is that there simply isnt a cockpit hardpoint, so you're view is defaulted to 0,0,0. The way the model was created, this sets the view to a spot under the lowest engine, below where the missile rack is supposed to be, which means all guns fire over the top of the reticle. Presents some interesting problems. That and a couple other things.

Wile i'm here... Snuzzleduck, the GAME file off of your editing site (Return of Sivar) has teh dpr.pal file missing out of it. What does this file do and where can i get it, or is there something i'm doing wrong?

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The .pal file allows the ship to be converted into a SO ship, at least that's my experience. If it has gone missing, your S-O-L.

If the ship dosn't have a cockpit hardoint, it might be better to add one if the original model lacks one. There are plenty of B5 models out there.

Snuzzelduck, have you extracted the Vampire model? It is in pieces. Editing it might be complicated.
the .pal files are palettes used by the mats. i guess i must have missed that one, i'll get it into there.

and the extra pieces of the vampire are the engine pods. you can make ships that have rotating sections or moving engine pods, they are seperate meshes though.
DH: which brings us back to the first question I asked; how does one add a hardpoint, cockpit or otherwise? And, what is the function of an engine hardpoint? Any help from anyone on this point is heavily appreciated.

KillerWave: sorry about getting the creds for the mod wrong. Thanks.

Snuzzleduck: thanks for dealing with the .pal problem. Please email or post when you're finished.. BTW, the starfury version you have has unusual engine flame placement, I suggest looking into KillerWave's newer version.

Does anybody know where or if there are other B5/macross/robotech conversions out there?
I there are no other B5 ships out there, thats why i decided to put my site.
BTW, snuzzleduck version is the newer one, not mine...i dont see what is the problem with not having a cockpit hardpoint, never got any problems.
If you really want to put one, get Thomas modelc, rip the mesh and introduce one in the txt file.

Snuzzleduck, you know how to make ships in several parts??
There is a way to do that and them join them to create a ship?
I wanted to create an omega destroyer with its rotating section, i have a model in one piece and a model in two, one being the rotating part.
i reposted the game.zip with all the .pal files you should ever need.

the engine hardpoint is the point where sparks are generated after you've taken some damage, i believe. other than that, it doesn't seem to have any function.

the flame placement of the starfury isn't so much "unusual" as just plain wrong. i added 4 flames, but then forgot to actually place them where i wanted them. got a new version with them in the correct places. I'll get it up.

you can get B5 lightwave models from http://mods.firstones.com/buda5
which can then be converted with thomas bruckner's lwo converter

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