WC:RPG Retro faction ships, looking for ideas


Hey all, a little request for comments here while I nerd out on the rpg.

I have added some retro ships to basically balance out the game a bit. Killing talons all day long can get boring. The retros fly three ships:
* Talon (general purpose fighter)
* Crucifix (Point defense fighter)
* Archangel (Bomber)

You can see more details here:

The basic design principle was to have a cold war era Russian air force in space. So something that would make the scimitar look subtle. ;)

The Talon is the privateer talon found in troy.
The crucifix is a fighter that could give a rapier a run for its money, but is designed (in game) to suffer critical fails a lot.
The archangel is a broadsword with weaker turrets and shields but that has a forward mounted turret.

Any other style fighters you could imagine a technologically backwards group using. I am trying to avoid giving them particle cannons and neutron guns at the moment as the game is set in 2659.