WC Prophecy Video help needed


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SOS. I am in need of immediate assistance.

I have reinstalled WCP after over a year of letting it collect dust...and am having problems with the video.

The cutscenes/videos play VERY fast and are skipping a LOT. I found an old help file which said for Diamond Monster Sound users to "Enable Direct Sound Safe Mode." I am using an MX300 and "Disabled Sound Accelleration" which did make a small difference, but it is still skipping alot.

I installed DirectX 7.0 recently, I am not sure if that is causing the problems.

Any assistance would be greatly apprecate it as I would love to finish the game finally.
Try using an older version of Direct X, some instances newer versions don't work with games on some people's computers (this happens alot with KS)


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And keep trying to play around with your options.. any sort of accleration or special feature for your sound card or cd-rom could be suspect.
A friend of mine had the same problem. Try changing your sound card settings to either Full Duplex or select its output as a game compatible device. Doing this seemed to solve his problem
I have the same problem, to fix this though, I went into my directX diagnostix, the sound page, and set it to no video acceleration or something like that, if you go to directX diagnostix you will know what I'm talking about.