WC IV 16 SV ?


I have a question:What is the WCIV_16SV patch in your files section good for (Graphics Improvement?) ,and why do I always get that failure text when I`m trying to run it:

LHA`s SFX 2.13S (c) Yoshi,1991

HeaderC Error

That patch is to solve a problem with the DOS version of WC4 and 16-bit SVGA on some video cards, like the Matrox Mystique/Mystique 220 (I used to have a M220) and assorted S3 chipset cards, as well as several other cards that I forget off the top of my head.

If you can do 16-bit video ok (trust me, you'll know if it doesn't work... colors will be all hosed up; the setup program defaults to trying 16-bit video first, so if the color doesn't look totally whacked, you're fine) you don't need the patch.

Also, if you have the Win95 version (either patched to WC4W or came that way; DVD version is also WC4W) you don't need the patch, as it uses DirectDraw rendering, which is independent of the video rendering setup for the DOS version.

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