WC II Playguide by TC?

Playguide - by TC is missing from the downloads for Wing Commander II..does anyone have a copy they can share?


I am also looking for HCl's movie viewer if anyone has that or a linkey.

Is there a password for the ftp server for files stored there?

Secret Missions 1- WC1 Addon (903k)
Secret Missions 2 - WC1 Addon (1,392k)
Secret Missions 1 & 2 [Mirror] (1,661k) - WC1 Addons
Special Operations 1 (3,477k) - WC2 Addon
Special Operations 2 (3,758k) - WC2 Addon
Special Operations 1 & 2 [Mirror] (3,477k) - WC2 Addons

all seem to be hosted on a ftp site....
It may be similar to - if not the same as - the guide hosted on CIC, which was also done by TC many years ago.

HCl's site has moved to solsector.net. The movie player is the first link listed there.

For the Kilrathi Saga add-ons, you only need the combined packages which are hosted on the CIC's server.
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Hi Wedge and thanks

OK thanks re the play guide.

and thanks for the link for his site, i had visited it last year but forgot where it was.

Re the combined files, iah i see, yes they work. i had tried the mirror links by mistake thanks a lot much appreciate the help.
TC's play guide was an HTML version of the Wing Commander II manual. This thing: http://download.wcnews.com/files/manuals/WC2 Playguide-Manual.pdf

It looks like blacklance.org let their domain lapse (has the age of weird space Nazi RPG clubs finally passed us?!), but I bet it's actually hosted on solsector somewhere... if you're still interested I can try and dig it up (read: make Kris try and dig it up).

(Edited to note--it was kind of lame. It was just a conversion of the VEBE version included on one of the Classics CDs... not lovingly designed like his Claw Marks.)
Yeah, at least three of the solsector.net accounts have lost their domain registration (last I checked, which was about a week ago). And yes, the WC2 manual wasn't presented as nicely as the Claw Marks - the PDF does the same job.
Yeah--folks buy their own domains, we just provide the hosting. All the data is still out there, it just doesn't have blacklance.org (or which ever URL) pointing to it.