WC 1 Secret mission 2 always on loosing path


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hi there,

I have played the secret mission 2 now at least 4 times and I always end up on the loosing path in the system charon.

however I succeded in all missions, also on the last where have to escort the dpilomats out of the system.

what is the trigger, that puts me on the loosing path?
no I got the charon instead of getting to corsair. charon is the loosing path, once you sit in that raptor with maniac you are loosing.

i even got the snakeir and all hriss.

to make it clear, i am not getting from firekka 4 to firekka 5 and 6, though i protected the dplomats out of the system
I had the same problem you need to win the mission where you save firekan transports in order to be on the winning
I am not at the point where I have to save firekkan transports. the last mission I am on is this one:

Firekka 4

Primary Objectives Defend diplomat ships
Your Ship Rapier
Wingman Knight
Other Friendly Ships TCS U Thant, TCS Trygvie Lie
Briefing Fly directly to your rendezvous points with the Diplomatic Corps ships. Your top priority is those diplomatic ships. You'll protect the TCS U Thant as it jumps out at Nav 2 and the TCS Trygvie Lie as it mini-jumps at Nav 3. If you're attacked by any Kilrathi, return fire and destroy them. Once we have the Diplomatic Corps officers safe, we'll consider our other options.

after that I always get to charon. I have been wining all missions before.
I thought that the SM2 mission tree was a straight path

You're always on the winning path unless you lose, I admit I could be wrong about this, it's been a while since I've played. Just reviewed the mission guide and it looks like that's the branch sequence, there are certain missions where if you lose, you lose otherwise you continue on to the next set of missions.
After that Firekka 4 Mission, I jump over to charon with the last two missions with maniac. after that the game is over and the final sequence shows the enslaved firekkans.

jumping to charon is the loosing path and you will not jump back to the winning path (corsair)

again, I won all mission including firekka 4
Sorry to necrobump this topic but I found it while searching for a solution to this same problem.

Playing the GOG.com version of SM2 it seems no matter what I do the game inexplicably jumps from Firekka 4 straight to Charon 1. There's no rhyme or reason for it and it doesn't make any sense in the context of the story, not to mention this has never happened to be before, so I'm guessing it has to be a glitch? Has anyone else run into it or can play the first few missions of the GOG SM2 and see if it happens to them?
I'm running the DOS version, not the GOG version, but is there any chance it could have something to do with a transferred pilot? I know that can cause some glitches in WC1 that are strange, especially if there's an overflow bug. Are you transferring your pilot, or are you starting "from scratch". If you haven't, try starting from scratch - if that works, you might need to modify your pilot file after transferring (with the fix utility on this site). For the DOS version, I had to fix my pilot a few times because it treated various pilots as KIA.

It sounds like if it's a mission-specific problem, it's gotta be Firekka 4... Probably a stupid question, but are you sure you're hitting all the Nav points after the Diplomatic Corp ships jump out? And are BOTH confirmed getting out?
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Okay, I figured it out. The problem wasn't with Firekka 4. Secret Missions 2 judges your performance on earlier missions and the game was being finicky on counting my targeting of the Fralthi task force in Firekka 2. I had to replay that mission a few times until Halcyon finally decided I had properly targeted the Fralthi and once I got to Firekka 4 it let me move on like normal.

So mostly pilot error on my part, nothing wrong with the game.
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