Was USA Navy video recording of a UAP UFO a video recording of a Kilrathi Aeroplane Salthi or Jalthi?

While we all have something to bring to the forums, the thing aceofdiamonds should have brought is silence
Well, I have given this some thought, and I am dismissing anything Kilrathi out of hand. If there was a craft, it definitely would not have been of Kilrathi origin since we have not been attacked yet, but of what other WC race could it have belonged to?

Shata / Utara: I believe any craft from either / both of those races would have been accompanied by loud announcements of friendship and peace, so they are out of the running. But how different would the galaxy have turned out if their first contacts were with humans or Firekkans?

Firekkan: did not achieve space travel, and so are also disqualified. Their status at the present date is unknown, but there are still much older races to consider...

Hari: located as far away as possible from Earth, and not a strong contender, especially since millions would have arrived en masse and immediately begun consuming everything. If the craft was theirs, we would know by now.

Varni: their worlds were of closer proximity to Earth than Kilrah, but apparently they were a more insular society, and do not seem like the adventurous type.

Wu: from the physical descriptions in Action Stations, any Wu manned craft would probably be too large to perform any nimble maneuvers, so they could be ruled out as well… unless it was an unmanned craft or a ‘drone’ which could open up another possibility?

Steltek: while the amorphous oval shape is reminiscent of Steltek design, I think that if the object was in fact a Steltek drone, it would not have left any witnesses. So back to the beginning, I do not know whose craft that was, if any, unless anyone has any better ideas?