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Hi there

I'm working on a project, with a great big team, and one of my tasks is to create a Ranger class carrier. I started by getting the existing modell from WC3D. Then I started adding detail, changeing things. I got the top-indent part modelled, and placed some new guns, plus I made the detailed hangar walls.Next on the list are mostly the total hangar rebuilding, the engines and window lights, and retextureing to BW colors. Now that master Zorath made a quiet fantastic hangar, it'll be much easier to create it though, so thanks!
Any comments crits ideas are welcome!


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It’s looking nice so far. Just one thing, isn’t the hangar’s force field too bright?

Is it a Rapier leaving the hangar? Can we know what is that project of yours? And will it be available here?
Yup, I'm workin on the forcefield. I just saw the Saga trailer, and I just realized that I almost done the same kinda forcefield :( Sorry, I didn't know. I'll do something else then.
Yep, thats a rapier, and the project is Rangers Glory :D
Ah, Rangers Glory. Well, thought it was something else as you didn’t mentioned the name. Good luck on the project then.
and heres a small image of the completed window modelling, and thrusters. Next up is the hangar, but later. Now I'm going to sleep :D Nighty niight folks


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at some point, I would advise you to move the command tower over to the other side...
Damn, your right! I just checcked the enciclopedy! Its really on the other side there. Any other pictures please??? I need to be sure. Thank You Marc!

(assueimg this is an English version? driving on other side? :D)
and a bit of mapping update. I dunno how I should paint it. Anyones got a shot of the BWS Relentless??


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Looking very polished, lorddarthvik!

Are you modelling in Max or Lightwave? My only nitpick from the perspective of maintaining continuity with the WC3 rendering, would be the placement of the turrets on the three engine "fins." The TCS Victory has 11 laser turrets which fits with your current configuration, i.e. 4 on top, 3 on the fins and 4 below. The 3 turrets on the fins as you have rendered them should give them a wider firing arc, but as the following images reveal, the Victory had a different turret placement at that point on the superstructure:

I can't recall where exactly the third turret was placed and don't have any reference screenshots, so I would need to check the Victory model from in engine gameplay.


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@ByrnS: Thanks very much for the info! I really didn't know where to place the last 3 turrets, so I chose the fins. On the original modell I got from wc3d, the turrets were on the fins, so I put the new ones there, althtough I found a picture where its on the hull. SO, I don't know yet, the team will tell if I should put em on the hull or the fin. I'll have to mirror the ship again, I forgot that while textureing....
I'm useing Max5, and VRay for render, although its getting very slow cause of the mapping material (standard mat with a diffuse, a masked specular and a bump map, oh and the mask is a Mix map of two other :D )
Your model is getting better and better. That picture with the planet “suggests” that you “should” do a wallpaper with it. :)