under the radar games that I think you wingnuts might like

I'm here to tell you about another great game. It was free on the PlayStation Network for January and has two DLC packs that are also free with the game, that add between 3 and 5 hours total to the game. It's called Tails of iron. It is a Souls like game and I'm actually not a huge fan of those but this game is wonderful in every way to me. You play a rat doing battles against frogs and other creatures trying to save your kingdom and while the characters don't actually talk they just make noises, the overall game is narrated by the voice actor of geralt from The Witcher. I like to believe it is geralt reading a book to a kid in that universe lol. The graphics are very charming and look kind of kiddie but the gameplay is anything but, it takes some serious Mastery to get through, but I loved every bit of it. I have now Platinum the game three times, once for the base story and twice more for both dlc. The game will take anywhere from 18 to 25 hours depending on skill level. Anyways here's a trailer for the game, check it out and tell me what you think.

Eiyuden Chronicles: hundred hereos

This is a new jrpg that was crowd funded by the team that used to make the Suikoden games. I almost backed it, bc i adore those ps1 type games. I just pre-ordered this game, as it comes out Tuesday at full price for $45 dollars, im super pumped