Trio of French Scans Highlights Golden Era (September 9, 2021)


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To celebrate the recent 30th birthday of Wing Commander 2, Guybrush_SF posted several wonderfully colorful vintage reviews from French magazines. I've said before that I love the bright '90s aesthetic of this era, and the WC2 color scheme just adds to this. Tilt gave the game 19 out of 20, Joystick awarded a perfect 100% and Gen 4 was close behind at 98%. I couldn't agree with these epic scores more wholeheartedly! You can find some of our past coverage from Generation 4 magazine on both WC1 and WC3.

Original update published on September 9, 2021


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From the MicroTest scan:
Notre seul regret viendra du fait que les voix parlent en anglais, une version française n'étant pas à ce jour prévue.

'Our only regret is the fact that the voices are in English, with a French version not yet being planned.'

Completely understandable, but as if I recall correctly, wasn't it a big achievement to have voices in games at all at this point in time? I recall - though can't find the post now - LOAF (or someone else?) delving into the history of Sound Blaster and how the WC2 Speech Pack saved it. Would there have been precedent for vocal translations for mainstream Anglophone games during this time?


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"15 Mo taken on the hard drive, 590 Ko of RAM required to start the game with all the options, 7 1.44 Mo floppy disks. These few numbers give an idea of the scope of this massive game. And it's worth it! This is a real interactive movie in which you will participate."

The first few lines which are definitely making me smile (being younger, my equivalent was with FF8 on PC, where the family was astonished a game could require 500 Mo on the hard drive).