Tooth and Claw- - Prologue...


Hey, so I figured I'd give this a shot.

I've taken a couple of liberties, however. I've created a new sector of space, the Outlands. This is an area of space yet to be explored by Confed. It's pretty damn dangerous. Also, a Kilrathi peace movement by a few ex-Kilrathi warriors who do not like war is a little unusual, but I thought it would be different.

So, don't be too cruel.


Wing Commander: Tooth and Claw
By Wesley "Dralthi5" Ferguson

Kilrathi Planet H'Rktath
H'Rktath System, Outland Space
0625 hours (CST)

All was quiet on the Kilrathi planet H'Rktath II. Or so it seemed. Srakkah nar Ki'ra stepped out from his hut into the cool morning air of the water planet,
feeling the ocean breeze through his fur. Praise Sivar, Srakkah thought
with a baring of his canines. Life as a humble prospector here out on the edge of
nowhere was surely far more relaxing than the fast-paced life of a Dralthi pilot
serving the Empire of Kilrah. He could remember more than once facing down the
enemy with a cold fear running through his veins, even as he unleashed blazing
death from the blasters of his fighter. Such thoughts from any kil, from the
lowliest Kilra'hra to the highest born Kilrathi noble, were dishonorable, to be
sure, but Srakkah, who long ago flew under the moniker of Redfang, no longer
cared of such things. Those were the ways of old men, too weak to even hunt
boryangee. They could not see the way the younger kili thought, their minds
still corrupted by the old war.
Must we Kilrathi endlessly fight? Must we see the endless shed of blood
merely for the glory of Sivar? Redfang had asked himself on countless occasions. Is not space vast enough for all sentient beings? Cannot we live in peace and harmony? But, he supposed with a sad countenance, perhaps it is the nature of all kil, and maybe even of Terrans, to engage in this seemingly sense-less strife. Nevertheless, Srakkah had devoted four years of his life after the
Galactic War in ensuring that the Kilrathi race maintain the peace, so as not to
destroy themselves as they almost had during the reign of the last Emperor of
Kilrah and his foolish grandson, Crown Prince Thrakhath.
After working with Chancellor Melek and the Kilrathi Peace Corps, Redfang had realized that attempting to get the Kilrathi to give up war was as impossible as forcing the Firekkans to give up flight or the Terrans to abandon their preservering spirits. And so he had left behind his efforts to a life of peace here on H'Rktath II, a simple world light years from the Empire and the Terran Confederation of Earth. His dreams would never come into fru-
ition, he was convinced, for how could peace truly ever be obtained in the galaxy? Not with the likes of Vagargk and Bloodeye running around space. And even now various Kilrathi warlords had dispatched bounty hunters to see to his death, believing that his teachings of love and harmony to be sacrelige against Sivar.
Munching on a sprig of arakh, Redfang gazed up at the bloated form of
H'Rktath Prime, the primary sun of the system named for the legendary hero of the
Mantu War. It was shortly after dawn, he realized, and soon the village square
would be lush with the bustle of townspeople going about their daily rituals. As mayor and spiritual leader of the village, it was Srakkah's job to interact with his subjects, place an air of good will and harmony upon himself. That, however, was fairly easy, for his years with the Peace Corps had honed his skills as a diplomat and leader.
He sighed contentedly, throwing aside the sprig and rubbing at the fine
patchwork of scars which traced his brow, a gift from his service at the Battle
of Terra. The memory of that campaign still sent chills down his spine. He remembered how his squadron mates had cheered with each Terran world blown asunder, but Srakkah had hated Thrakhath for his dishonorable bombings of Sirius and Gilead. But the Terrans had gotten the vengeance they so rightly deserved, he was convinced, when a foray into the Kilrah System had resulted
in the destruction of the Homeworld. He was saddened to see the red forests of his birth vaporized through the efforts of one human, but it had been the first step in his vision that the Kilrathi lay down their arms after almost forty years of constant warfare against the Terrans.
" Lord," a voice cooed and Redfang turned to see Karbok approaching across the village green. Karbok was his nephew, his sister's son, and a young follower of Srakkah's Movement. It was through this young kil's efforts that the Peace Corps had ever existed, and Redfang was proud of that. " Good morrow. I trust your night was well slept?"
Redfang smiled. " Of course, young cub," he responded. " here on this world, how else could it be? Yes, I slept well last night, as did us all. Though the Movement is as dead as Thrakhath, I have found some small consolation in the fact that we have created our own Utpopia here on this planet. We shall thank Sivar for that."
" Indeed, Lord. They hate you, you know?" Karbok spoke with such sudden-
ness that it startled the elder Kilrathi. "The warlords? The feudal worlds?
They wish to see you dead."
With a sharp nod, Srakkah exhibited his agreement with his nephew's words. "They see me as different, a blight to the glory of Sivar! 'Slash the Kilrah'hra's throat!' they say. ' Let his life force run red on the alters of Sivar!'" He harumphed mightily, a low growl rumbling deep within his chest. " They hate me because I am different, because I loathe death and dispair! To think one can be so blood thirsty, let alone an entire race! At times, I see the Terrans as superior."
Karbok's golden eyes went wide and his fur rippled with confusion." Uncle," he whispered, dropping the honorific of "lord", " we are of Kilrah. Granted,
we strive for harmony between all races, unusual for a Kilrathi warrior, but
how can you even think of such things? Sivar would damn you for sure!"
" If He damns me for my actions, then this entire planet, my entire
Movement, will be dragged under as well, young cub," Redfang replied grimly.
" In our efforts to ensure the Kilrathi do not die out in continuous strife, we
have placed ourselves in a tense situation. To maintatin our beliefs, we abstain
from violence, yet in order to survive I fear one day we'll have to defend ourselves--with force. If we do fight, it will be to ensure that the people of Kilrah
live for eternity. Do you not think Sivar would be pleased by that?"
His nephew paused, mulling his uncle's comments through his mind like
dice in a cup. After what seemed like an eternity, Karbok finally spoke. " I see your
point, Lord. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." His gaze drifted to the
marketplace. " Ah, and life seeps in to H'Rktath."
Srakkah followed the young cub's gaze as dozens of Kilrathi stormed
into the center of the town. Shopkeepers held their products aloft, shouting
to any that would hear to purchase their goods. Cubs danced around, playing
tag, and echoing with squeeling laughter. They deserved to grow up in peace, he thought. We all deserve to live in peace.
And then it came. A shadow as black as the deepest abyss, stretching for
kilometers, it seemed. A monster. The beast descended from the heavens, its voice
raised in a cry of doom. It echoed across the sea, up onto the shore of the village, and through the towering mountains beyond. The voices of the Kilrathi fell silent and even Redfang could not find his voice as the golden clouds of H'Rktath II parted to reveal death.
" K'nthrak!" Srakkah heard that feared word echo across the square as
dozens more stepped out of their huts and into the village. The sky was blanketed black. For kilometers it stretched, gleaming black and red metal, bristling from fore to
aft with dozens of torpedo hardpoints and antimatter batteries. The primary flight and gun decks were encased by of durasteel "ribs", creating a hazardous maze of steel toward the towering island superstructure at the rear of the evil-looking vessel. Splashed onto the hull of the behemoth in a color as red as blood was the image of a Terran holding a club and lion skin aloft to the heavens. Srakkah recognized that image. " Orion," he whispered in dread. And then his voice rose, so loud that he was convinced he would never
speak again after this debacle. " Everybody run! Flee as fast as you can!"
A mad crush ensued, as hundreds of kili scrambled out of the village, toward the supposed sanctuary of the mountain range beyond. But Redfang could not move, even as the Terran dreadnought let loose with a dozen space-to-surface torpedoes. Explosions blossomed in the distance and Redfang heard
cries of pain and terror roar from even the most gallant of Kilrathi. Tiny black
dots swarmed the sky like buzzards-- Terran fighters.
As the Excaliburs-- the bringers of Kilrah's decimation-- unleashed waves of death upon the fleeing Kilrathi and the village, Srakkah vaguely heard Karbok's high-pitched voice screaming his name. The mayor waved the cub off with an annoyed sweep of his paw. Soon the sky was filled with fiery
death, as flames from the shattered village rose into the air. Why? he wondered with dread. We came here to flee war, to seek peace, not death and violence! Why!? his mind roared. And so he lifted his paw towards the heavens and roared his fury at Sivar for allowing this to happen. I did this in your name! he roared. Everything in your name!
His cries of lament echoed into the fiery morning sky even as the last of
the bombs had been dropped.

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You've certainly done your research
. The "liberties" that you took are perfectly acceptable. There's bound to be more unexplored space beyond the Kilrathi (ex)Empire. And some Kilrathi certainly might seek peace. One thing that I found a bit strange was the way you made the Kilrathi village seem almost... medieval. Abandoning war does not mean abandoning technology.
Other than that, you really should use a spellchecker before posting.

On the whole, however, I was rather impressed. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this. Just be more careful with your grammar/spelling. Oh, and be careful not to overdo things with dreadnoughts and such. There's nothing that ruins a story quicker than a forty-kilometre-long Concordia II with 2000 PTC turrets

[shameless plug] Also, be sure to read my story while you're here. I've also got some honourable Kilrathi, so it might be interesting for you. Remember to start with chapter I though (look through older threads to find it). And make comments. I want lots and lots of comments
. [/shameless plug]
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Thanks for your comments.

The problem is I used Wordpad to type this story, and there is no spell check option, but usually I'm a spell check freak.

Don't worry, I won't overdo the whole dreadnought thing. While there is a dreadnought in this story, it's not going to be over the top, but an amalgam of various other ships kind of patched together.

I meant to include a part where a couple of older Dralthis fly up to engage the Orion dreadnought and Excaliburs, to stress that Redfang and his people did possess technology, but I was zonked by the time I got to the end and totally forgot. And Karbok's greeting of, " Good morrow," is a little old fashioned, but I'm reading Shakespeare right now. (Julius Caeser)

I'll post Chapter One as soon as possible.

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I hope people please read my story, I don't want to write it for nothing.

If i'm locked on, there's no such thing as evasive action!

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Well I don't remember *you* reading my story and giving comments. >

Either way, patience is a virtue. I finally got around to reading it and I am impressed. Despite the sprinkle of mistakes, it reads very well and I absolutely love the idea - probably cause I'm a member of the furry fandom. Like Quarto hath said, thou shouldst watch out for thy spelling and grammar.
A spelling checker alone will not suffice - you'll need to proof-read it (or have somebody do it for you) to fish out the few somewhat oddly worded sentences. I rather enjoyed the Kilrathi being portrayed as living beings and not savage beasts - with dreams and problems no different than those of some humans. And there's nothing wrong with getting a bit medieval and a bit retro in terms of technology.
I bid thee well.
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Good point. I shall read your story, Matrix... Just as soon as I have the time.
Thanks for the comments.

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Well, I finaly got around to reading this story. Prety good D5. The names of differetn Kilrathi things seem to be acurate.

However, *Not with the likes of Rakarg and Bloodeye running*

Don't you mean Ragark? From FC?

Also, that Terran ship has thousands of torpedo and anti-matter tubes? That's rather exagurated a bit don't you think?
Exaggerated? Yes, yes I do think it is a bit exaggerated. You'll find a lot of careless mistakes like these, but they're nothing major. Thanks for reading it.

If I'm locked on, there's no such thing as evasive action!
I'm beginning the editing part of my story now. Some strange stuff happened to the paragraphs this time, I'll try to prevent that when editing Chp. 1.

If I'm locked on, there's no such thing as evasive action!