This is what I hate in these boards...


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Why, oh why are the messages arranged so that the first one is at the end of the thread? On EVERY SINGLE other message board I've ever seen it's exactly the other way around! I've rummaged through all the settings I've seen on the board, and I haven't found any way to change this viewing format anywhere.

If there is a way to change the viewing, please inform me and subsequently disregard the above rant thereafter.

Also, I wish this board had a search function...
No, there's no way to switch the thread order. And no, we won't change it. We don't care how other boards do things, we're not other boards.

The search feature was disabled because it was chewing the hell out of the CZ's hosting resources. If you want to get it reinstated, send numerous wads of US cash (in large, unmarked, bills with non-sequential serial numbers) to let us pay for the extra firepower.
I took a look at couple of other vBulletin boards, and there the oldest message came first in the thread...
The thread order is a general setting: it's either reversed for everyone, or it's not. There is no per-user setting.
this isn't a complaint or anything, I could care less about the order of the messages, but would it be too much trouble to allow it to be a user setting? I mean, what's stopping you guys?
What's stopping me is that I'd have to modify the board code each time a new version came out.
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Maybe it should be re-designed

Erm, yes, this is what Kris said AT THE BEGINNING of this thread. But just like every other board in the universe, this one is licensed from a company... and it's up to *them* to add new features.
So like Kris said, unlike other portions of the site, he doesn't make the chat zone. Any and all new features or additions you can think of should be sent to vbulletin so we can take advantage of them in the next version of this board.
It's funny that for some people who are new, the first thing they do is moan about the thread order. This was the first board I started using, and I agree with the justification for the reverse ordering - when I occasionally visit other boards, I'm (mildly) annoyed that they're in the 'correct' order. :)
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Maybe you should ask at Lancers Reactor.

Well I would... but that site bores me. I mean, I guess that's how it is when you have nothing but screenshots and previews of a new game and one other to talk about.