The Mush i play and my Story


hello all im new to these forums i would like to share my story with you on this mush im playing i will continue to modify this post in order to inform you of any resent char developments of my char on the mush.

i do this also in hopes in getting more like minded fans and new comers to the great story and lore of the WC universe like my self im kinda a noob in this WC universe.

i would like to start by posting my flyer i made for the mush, took me a while to find the ship i used i found it some where on the main site earlier yesterday i think, it took me an hour to make it i made the back drop and the text, the space nebula and stars ect.

as of right now on the mush there is 10 active players at peek times and a few more players that are casual.


now to continue with my char's story in the Enigma Sector.
(place holder for my ares picture in the making)
my name is Rizack Rockclaw i live in the Midgard System on planet Midgard C III or as most people refer to it "Sting" named after the main city on the planet, Sting is an interesting place to grow up, sure it's a back water hell hole for most but it is my home, i am 30 years old and im of the race Kilrathi my clan is Ragitagha most in my clan in the past were traders but my blood line or family had it's expertise in starship Engineering and Engineering in general.

so i guess when it comes to any thing that involves building something im your guy, im also alight at trade to, and things of a scientific nature, i have lived in Sting for most of my life now, my parents are dead now i have fond memories of them.
right now im trying to make my place in this sector of space after the past of my people it is a bit of a challenge as some humans do not look past there history and the history of others, and dont understand my upbringing was not a traditional Kilrathi way of being brough up, it left me open minded and easy going if not focused on any task that i tend to be doing.

well news of late i finally got my first ship, sure it is a beater, and quite small and uncomfortable, but it is mine it's an Ares Class Shuttle.
i named it Nexum Transport, as the name Nexum is my dream company of one day having it all goes well. right now im living out of my ship as to buy the ship it meant me not living in a run down hotel in Sting.

this is the picture i made for the story part of what i wrote above. where the Ares place holder is..
i cant figure out how to edit my orignail post so i guess there is a time limit or some thing.
Hi, welcome to the forums...

Regarding editing posts, yeah there's a two hour time limit for you to tweak things. It's not a big deal to post again to your own thread as long as you are contributing something new.