The Good Ending (January 20, 2021)


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"Either you're an earthworm or an eagle."

Launch Deck, BWS Intrepid.Paladin: So here you are, an instructor. Not a general, or a senator. And you could have had everything.Maverick: “Everything” means I keep flying. So if you ask me, I’ve got everything.Paladin: I envy you, laddie. At times I wish I’d made the same choice myself. So, how’s that farm?Maverick: <laughs> I’m not a farmer.Maniac: I’m talking about rolling a bomber, not a fighter.Newbie: You’re kidding!Maverick: You know, of all people…Maniac: I’m not enrolled in training!Maverick: …Maniac taught me one thing.Maniac: Wha– hey, pal. Uh, Senator. I– What? What?Maverick: Well you said, “either you’re an earthworm or an eagle”.Maniac: I said that?Panther: Hey, Colonel! We’ve got a fresh batch of newbies to shake down.Maverick: They can wait a bit. I think I’ll log some flyin’ time.Maniac: Er, Senator, about…Paladin: Maniac… shut up.[/quote]

Original update published on January 20, 2021