Taking the Party IRL (July 28, 2011)


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...we'll be in Texas for the birthday this year! Team CIC is packing up in a week or so to head down and celebrate in person on August 10, for the first time. All the details aren't set yet, but if you happen to be in the local Austin area, hit the Discuss link and let us know. Our virtual fans shouldn't worry, the crew will be online from wherever we are due to the marvels of modern technology. We can't wait!

Original update published on July 28, 2011
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That's DEFINITELY an old set of pictures - I can tell because it's clearly been raining in the photos, and we haven't had that in months.

Coming to Austin, eh? You guys HAVE see this haven't you? :)
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Coming to Austin, eh? You guys HAVE see this haven't you? :)

I'll bring some water to barter with the natives. And it'll help us get ready for next year's trip to Dune...

We should meet up if you're in town that week! We definitely owe you a drink.
Do you think we could have a webcam system set up, so people who can't make the "IRL" part, but still can show their face?
I'm sure some GoogleSkypeFacetimeApp can do it. If someone can figure out which one is best, we can turn it on.