Succesfull failure

Yeah, that just looks silly. The closing runway part, not the launch doors part. I don't think the actual physical mass of the runway would fit into that sort of space. As for the closing up idea itself - I suppose you could have plates on rollers that run out the tops of the two prongs, but I just don't see the point. I don't know why a pair of thick hangar doors that just close off the main area wouldn't suffice. After all, the runway itself doesn't seem to be functionally necessary to landing fighters...sure, you float down on it in the cutscenes, but it doesn't look like it does anything. This is judging only from appearances, of course - there may be magnetic coils or something in those prongs to help reduce the differences in speed between the carrier and the fighter.
All speculation, of course.
Still a sexy model, Marc.
Howard Day said:
Yeah, that just looks silly.
Naturally, it looks silly - so would a doorway, if somebody made an animation where instead of the door closing, the corridor folds in upon itself :D.