Star Wars Episode III Tickets


I'll wait to see it on DVD...I don't go to movie theatres. Can't wait though, I'm sure it will be absolutely awesome.


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Shipgate said:
One movie I did see opening night was Star Trek Nemesis. And I was really excited about it. I knew getting tickets wouldn't be an issue like it is with Star Waras, but nevertheless I told my friends we should get there almost an hour early just to be safe and to get a good seat.

It was all for not though since there were about 25 people in the whole theater. I just kind of moped thinking to myself. "But I thought EVERYONE loved Star Trek as much as I."

I still enjoyed it though.

Star Trek Nemesis was a pretty sweet movie. Several people were actually dressed up in the whole Star Fleet uniform and such. It was pretty cool.
Our local theater owner has been a family friend for about 25 years. He isn't a huge Star Wars fan but has some awesome memorabelia he's collected over the years. You guys should see his office- loaded with Sci-Fi film collectibles. He let me in to see TPM and ATOC 30 minutes before the ticket window opened at both premiers. I'm going to try and get 3 friends in this time around. Hope he goes for it.....