Star Trek/Star Wars/Space Movies and their futures?

What is your favorite current space shows/movies?

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I've heard it's somewhat underwhelming on HD format if you already own the DVD. No new special features and the movie benefits less from the high definition than a lot of other movies likely would. At least that seemed to be the general consensus on's forums.


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ChrisReid said:
It came out on DVD last year. It's actually one of the first couple fancy titles for the HD DVD format too. I'd pick it up if I had an HD DVD player.

Kind of a cool tidbit:

Also look here:

The video is a bit jumpy but I recommend watching it (though it won't tell you anything not in the article other than visual confirmation). The Toshiba HD-DVD player is apparently Just a PC. It has a Pentium 4, DDR ram, runs redhat linux and contains a PC compatible HD-DVD-ROM drive.