Star Citizen Matchmaker thread

I'll check in when able. Hoping 0.9.2 gets the nod this week. I find I play a couple times per patch then get jaded till the next one. Need some live folks to make this more interesting. PVP never was my shtick.

I suspect I'll feel a lot differently about the game after I can migrate from this aging rig. :D

I still have Waxman's Mumble info if he'll participate. Feel bad using it without his direct permission.

The mumble is not mine,I do not know if it is even online at all times. Every time I try i, it is online, so I think it is okay to use.

I'm going to get my own chat, but I have to decide between mumble and teamspeak.
Btw. I forget....reclaimed my racers and the Reclaimer *lol* We have here a 890J owner :D

Ben? Can you confirm that this is possible? I don't need cargo if we have fleetactions.


Like it !

If its possible we have a snubfighter-carrier :D I try to get it as near to the Corvette as possible. Replace then luxury modules with military ones. Together with my Retaliator and Ben's Reta quit lot of firepower :)