Space: 1999 - currently live action streaming on YouTube


Rear Admiral
Space: 1999 - Live Action Streaming on YouTube
Blast Off with Space: 1999! A voyage into the unknown, echoing through the corridors of time from the 1970s to the far reaches of our imaginations. Space: 1999, a groundbreaking British science-fiction television series from the creators of Thunderbirds. After a catastrophic nuclear explosion on the Moon blasts it out of Earth's orbit, the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha are thrust into a surreal journey across the cosmos. Led by Commander John Koenig, played by the iconic Martin Landau the Alphans encounter alien civilizations, cosmic phenomena, and challenges that test the very essence of human endurance and spirit.
In 1080p with lots of commentary from fans.

Also available at Shout!TV Space: 1999 Season 1
The crew of Moonbase Alpha must struggle to survive when a massive explosion throws the Moon from orbit into deep space.

I suspect this was a big influence on Chris Roberts.
The main set decorator - (who has since passed away) and frequent Lamont collaborator - on the WC movie worked as assitant art director on this show as well. He had an impressive list of credits including original trilogy Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and a number of James Bond films. I doubt there's much crossover in the look of WC and Space 1999 but it's a fun connection