Some thoughts on the mod...

Progress? Uh, yeah... I've moved to a new apartment, drilled a lot of holes into the walls, mounted a lot of stuff on those walls, and racked up 88 hours of Skyrim. Plenty of progress.

Oh, you mean UE? :p

Well, yeah, there has been some progress. Pete sent me a first rough version of the OpenGL patch - still a lot that needs to be done with it. I haven't heard too much from Pete lately, so presumably he doesn't have that much time (but then again, who does?). I also did a bit of work from the mission side, but as you can guess from the above, I got held up. Especially by Skyrim. Dash it, Elder Scrolls games always make me feel so terribly guilty about the time I spend on them.
seems to me, that you got a lot of spare time, if you can spend hours for hours on skyrim :p

but I remember that time consumption from baldurs gate in the past. 8 hours of playing felt like an half an hour, with amlost no real progress in the game ;)

I am looking forward to the updates and thank you for your time and dedication :)
Yeah, I can't possibly claim a lack of time with the time I put into Skyrim :p. That said, it's an unfortunate fact that I do have significantly less time - have had for years now. Where previously, I would have been able to play Skyrim and work on mods and read books, for example - nowadays, I pretty much have to choose one of those. If I find an hour (ok, two hours at the cost of sleep) a day, that's pretty good :(.
I know, I am bothering you guys, but is there any time to fix the WCP/SO enhanced open GL graphics at the moment?

would be really cool :)
I recall some time ago (I'll have to reinstall UE and try this again some time) that I copied the OpenGL renderer DLL from Standoff or Prophecy over the software renderer DLL, and set the UE launcher to use Software, and it worked in OpenGL just fine. Full resolutions, just without the prophecy/SO/Standoff enhanced backgrounds. But the basic renderer was smooth as butter.