Some diversity in WC-universe

He was 4 to 6 years off, but that's a story for another time.
4-6, was it? Close enough
. Actually, if you want to take it a step further, you could say that he was 30-something years off - because in Christian theology, the death & resurrection are much more important than the birth.
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The current trned is to try to get calander set to a more trackable event.

The 4-6 year time difference actually refers to the posible candidates for the "Christ Star":

1) 4 BC: a super nova
2) 6 BC: All the planets were in alignment.


Wing Commander is more than just a game. It is a lifestyle.
They've changed the system now, from BC/AD, to BCE/CE.

Well... it's a name change really, and has no actual effect in such.

Quarto: It's more than 30 years, probably way more, because the tracking of the actual years in Christian Theology was sketchy before Christ.

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(And just to make the point, I refer to my computer as an IBM Compatible PC or a Windows/DOS/Linux box (depending on which computer and what it's running at the time)because that is what it is.){/B}

I like shorter sentences
You are right about the difference in acronym's, not quite sure what point I was trying to make at the time.
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Especially to ask really pointless questions :( A while ago one of the board upgrades killed the old quotes... nobody really cared or noticed enough to bother fixing them.
Out of curiousity... how did you not realize you were replying to a two year old thread?
I think I clicked a link or something and just posted I wasn't paying attention at the moment and I then clicked on the bar like this: WC CIC Chat Zone > Wing Commander CIC Forums > General Wing Commander Chat > Some diversity in WC-universe (the General Wing Commander Chat part of it to see how many posts and views which led to the earlier question and it wasn't locked up or anything so I posted it and you guys responded and now were here) thats what happened.