So, who's a cat person.

I always like that moment when hardy and grizzled pilots step down from their machines and share cat pictures...

Anyway, here's Mishka, who's a PC whiz; and Tom, who has this evil overlord thing going.


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Hehe, cats actually *do* know how to work computers... one of mine turned off the computer when he thought he got too little attention.:)
My website has older pictures of my cats.

One of them , a female calico, is named Gwendolwyn.

The other, a female tuxedo, is named Lei-Lani

Sorry that it has been a while since I've been here, but I've been without power since the 22nd.
I don't have any pictures to put up right now, but I'm a big fan of cats. I recently had to have my cat of 17 years put down, her name was Abigail. To compensate for that loss (and because the BOQ was to freaking empty) I got myself a new all black kitten by the name of Marina Raskova. She's pretty crazy, gets royally pissed off whenever I leave for PT and work.

I'll try and get some pictures posted up.
Our family's had cats since I was little. A little ironic to be a cat lover and then go dustin' furballs on the side playing WC1/2/3. Will see if I can find a good photo of our current cat 'Arfa' and post it up soon. He's quite a comical one having found his way into every part of the house including squeezing under one of our cabinets as a kitten and climbing in through the back. We couldn't stop laughing when we found him sitting behind the glass front with one of those 'look what i did!' expressions...
Greetings from Germany!

My first post (although I love Wing Commander from the beginning on) in this thread.

My cat's name is Tiffy, she's nearly two years old and a bit... ehm... "wild".

Sometimes I feel like Col. Deveraux being ripped by Trakath (or was it the Emperor himself? I played WCIII 10 years ago last time).



A bit huge...