SO Screens


How whould one change the splash screen and other screens, including the animated base screen with the Cerberus?
Um, the splash screen is the prete picture of the Cerberus you see every time you start the game, and I think he also means the room on the Cerberus with the killboard and all, and the little holo picture of the Cerberus.
It sounds like he wants to change all of them, DH.

Lin: Yes, it's possible. But that's about all I know about it.
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Well, basically I want to change everything possible. Why? Well I like to personalize things that I use.
Well I guess I should have said change what to what but you'd probably want to change it later anyway. Kinda like I do ships with WCPedit. In the case of the things you mentioned, well I like my stuff to work, even my guns don't work sometimes, but then I'm doing some pretty significant changes.