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TCS Piranha, Ranger class carrier, 2669, 23:50
They were in drydock, in a remote system near the border worlds, a skeleton crew remained onboard at all times, hell, the captain was a 23 yeah old man whit the rank of Lt.Cmdr. there were only 4 people on the bridge and the total crew consisted of 63 men, Lieutenant commander Anderson sat in the command chair starring infront of him 'what the hell are we doing here? I joined confed to fight the kilrathi, not to baby sit a ship in drydock' he suddenly herd the comm officer talk to him "sir I have ships coming through the jump point." he got out of his chair and walked over to her, "friend or foe?"he asked, she worked the keys for a moment then said "friend, two longbows and a shuttle" "really? I wonder what they want" he said to himself he got orders from Taggart himself not to let anyone land. He wonder why that was, I mean they were a carrier, a confed carrier. "there hailing us, sir, audio only" he thought for a moment "lets hear it Lieutenant" she pressed a button and a Beeb came out of the speakers followed by the voice of a man. "this is Commander Chuck Ainlay, Confederation marines, I need clearance to land." Anderson turned to the microphone and said; "commander this is restricted area, please take your men and leave this zone imediatly." things were silent for a moment, "piranha, we've just come back from a sortie, my man are dead, wounded, tired and hungry, some need medical care, please let us land!" he looked at his acting first officer, also being the acting security chief, she gave him a hesitant nod. "very well, transmit your code and we'll let you land." "thank you piranha, transmitting now." he look at the comm officer again, "sir" she said, he walked over to her and pressed the mute button, "what is it lt?" "sir this code is two weeks old." "strange, is it still valid?" he asked "yes sir, but today is the last day." he looked at the XO again "I'm gonna let these guy land, I want them to stay on the flight deck, I don't want them wondering around on the ship, get your men down there and keep an eye on them." "all men sir?" the XO asked, Anderson sighed, "since you only have 10 or 12 man send 5 or 6, I don't really trust them." he ordered "yes sir" "also send two medics." yes sir."

the flightdeck was almost empty, there was a hellcat standing at one end and a Thunderbolt parked at the other, there where only two Flight control officers on deck, one guiding the shuttle in by radio, the other by hands signals. Six men whit guns came down the stares, followed by 2 medics, 2 guard stood at the shuttle entry as the door opened.2 more stood at attention a few feet away, as the last two stayed in the control room, the medics walk towards the shuttle as commander Ainlay stepped out. "commander, where are the wounded men?" "inside" he answered. the medics entered the shuttle. " there in the back." the shuttle pilot said as he pointed at the door. they opened the door and saw a man laying on the floor, facing the wall, there were about 12 men in here and heavily armed and armoured.
Both medics kneeled at the man and turned him over, suddenly his eyes opened and he stabbed the first medic hanging over him, another soldier aprotched the second medic from the back and sliced his troth.

The shuttle pilot stoke his head out the door and looked at the two men standing at the shuttle entry, "Hey guys, the Docs need your help! get in here." the two guys looked at echother, "well don't just stand there, GET IN HERE!" the pilot said again. the guard did what was asked of them, as soon as they entered the back of the ship, two flashes lighted the dark room. "four down, two to go" one soldier said.

Commander Ainlay walked up the stairs up to the control room. " Excuse me sir, the captain has requested that you and your men stay on the flight deck at all time, I'm gonna have to ask you to go back sir." said the closed guard. "oh, did he? well I guess that means I'll better go then." he said as he turned his back, grabbed his side-arm and quickly turned around again, firing tree quick shots, taking down the two guard and the flight officer at point blank. he holstered his gun and reached for his commlink and activated it, "All clear!" was all he said, after which all the 12 marines exited the shuttle and lined up on the flight deck. "Alright listen up men, the flightdeck is under control, he pointed at the first four men and said; "You four, secure the Bridge." Commander Ainlay moved to the next four men and said; "okey, you four secure the Engine room." he looked at the next two guys, "you two secure the weapon control areas and you two stay here." he said to the last two soldiers. Ainlay stepped infront of the group again. "Alright men, you all have your orders, shoot anyone who resists, keep a low body count, assemble the
prisoners in the second cargo bay and stay alive! Any questions? good, MOVE OUT!" he finally said, all men started running to there stations.

Commander Ainlay walked threw the long corridors on his way the weapons lockers when his com went off, "Ainlay here," he answered, "Sir all stations reported in, the ship in now in our control sir." "good, any casualties?" "one wounded sir." "very good, anything ells to report?" "uhm...yes, we have begun interrogating the Captain." Commander Ainlay sighted "I'll be right there."
The elevator doors opened and Ainlay stepped on the bridge and saw the commanding officer sit in his chair whit guard around him, his face was lightly bruised, he had a bleeding nose and a black eye. he could hear them talking

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ALL ABOUT?" he could hear the guy in the chair ask. "He asked you a question hotshot! what's the answer!?" one of his soldiers yelled back at him. Ainlay stepped towards his second in command and said; "alright, you wanna fill me in here?" "Yes sir, the guy in the chair is the acting captain, Lt.cmdr Anderson, and the woman in the corner is the acting XO." the torture continued on the background "has our little hero talked yet?" he asked "no sir" Ainlay let out a beep breath "oke then." he started walking for the captains chair.
"weapons? what weapons?" Anderson asked, the guy asking the questions started hitting him again. "Stand down captain." Ainlay ordered his man. he walked to the chair and looked Anderson deep in his eyes. "Don't screw around kid, we got intelligence reports, we know you keep a Weapon here and we want it! where is it!" Ainlay asked.
"what do you want?! there ain't no weapon here you're crazy!
"AM I MAKING MY SELF CLEAR?!?"he pulled out his gun and shot the XO, her body fell on the ground whit a dull sound. then the silence filled the room. "Unless you want to be next, start talking!" he yelled
"oke oke, the weaponslab is in cargo bay3 behind the fake generators, there's a secret airlock that leads to the drydock, it's there." Anderson cried "And the key?" "It changes every hour, it's in the mean computer." one soldier got up and sat down at a terminal and started typing, he look and commander Ainlay, "sir I need his code." Ainlay looked at Anderson "the code?" he asked, "go to hell!" Anderson said. Ainlay took his gun again and pressed it against his shoulder, "the code?" he asked again. "arrgh, Anderson-four-seven-Alpha-Tango." Ainlay looked at the soldier at the terminal and saw him smile "Got it!"

"INCOMING!" Wilson heard in the distance and toke a dive in the hot, dry sand of the desert planet, followed by a large explosion almost next to him. A rain of sand and small rocks landed on top of him on his helmet. He grabbed his gun popped in another clip and fired another volley in the direction of the closing Kilrathi warriors. "Sarge! There Everywhere! We can't stop 'm sir!" a young soldier next to him said to him. "Pull yourself together man! Stand your ground." he said, as he took a peek over the edge of the hole he was in, he took out his scope and saw three hovertanks in the distance firing rounds at his position. He slide down the hole again looking around him, "Johnson?" he yelled to some guy firing a turreted gun. "Yes sir?" "Find Peters and tell him to contact central, we need air support." "Yes sir." he climbed out of his tower and went searching among the soldiers in the hole. 'Damn! what a mess this is.' he thought to himself he took off his helmet and wiped his forehead and put it back on. "Sir, sergeant Hommel asks us to reinforce the south-west passing." "yes well, we have our hands a little full right now ourselfs!" Wilson yelled, Sighed and thought for a while. "Alright, you five, go to the South-West passidge and hold things together there, and take a few M-131's whit you, you'll need 'm." he ordered five man that were standing around fighting. "And where the hell is that airstrike?" he asked but no answer came, everyone was to busy fighting. "Sir, I'm detecting a battalion of tanks, coming our way." a soldier at a lookout yelled to him. "yeah I know, three of 'm." "no sir, seven." "what?" the guy looked again. "Seven, sir." "oh shit!" He grabbed two soldiers that were closest to him and dragged them along, "you boy's know how to fire a rocket launcher?" Wilson asked "Yes sir" both guy's responded. "Good" he grabbed three launchers and pushed one into there arms. "You go up there, and take out the one on the right" he said as he pointed to an eaglesnest, "you go there, and take out the far left one" he pointed behind a big rock. "and I'll go here." he said to himself. he suddenly heard a blast behind him followed by an explosion. he looked over the edge and saw a large creator about 500 meeters away from him. he looked at the guy on the nest. "What the hell happened?" "I uhm...missed sir." 'oke,' he thought to himself, 'anyone can miss by 1000 metre, no big deal!' "Next time, Aim before you shoot!" he yelled. "Yes sir. sorry sir." he saw the guy behind the rock take aim at the tank on the far left when suddenly a huge explosion blinded him, he rubbed his eyes and looked back at the guy, he looked for the big rock but all the was left was a big black creator. "DAMN!" he cursed, he toke his own launcher and aimed at the closest tank at about 750 metre. he locked on and pulled the trigger. the sound and feeling of a blast on his shoulder, followed by a white trail of the rockets exoust heading in the tanks direction, he could only see a huge explosion where the tank had just been. one of the remaining tanks changed course and came at his position full throttle, it was coming closer and closer. Wilson looked through his scope and suddenly saw a rocket impact right on top of it. "YESSS! I got him sir!" he heard behind him. "Good work, but we still have those other tanks to worry about." The five tanks that where left formed a V formation and came at then guns blazing. there where impacts and explosions all around them. Wilson ducked for cover and heard an explosion in the distance, he got up again and looked through his scope at the position of the tanks, and saw that the two up front where now a burning wreckage. he looked at the soldier in the tower. "Great shot soldier!" he yelled. "It wasn't me sir!" he yelled back. "What the..." at that moment, tree Hellcats flew low over there heads. many soldiers began to cheer at the sight. The airstrike had finally come trough.
Wilson got on the Radio to give the boys a thank you. "This is Captain Steven Brun, 64th fighter wing, Confed.. Navy, we heard you could use our help, just thought we'd drop by to say hello." the voice over the radio called, "This is sergeant Wilson, boy, are we glad to see you guys." he said over the radio. "Listen Sarge, we got shuttles coming in, better get your boys together, we're pulling you outha here, cats are closing in on all fronts." "Copy that, we'll hold out till they get here, meanwhile, maybe you can do something about those tanks, don't you think?" "Roger that," the pilot said, and finished by; "Lets get some." was the last thing that came out of the radio. "Alright men, hold tight, we're getting out of here."
A few minutes later the shuttles arrived and landed in the middle of the battle field, one shuttle was destroyed before it even touched the ground, meanwhile almost all the men were fighting off closing kilrathi warriors, Wilson even saw a few grunts take on a warrior in hand to hand combat, big mistake, the warrior was now shredding them. He toke his rifle and shot him, and a few other cats that where getting WAY to close, most men were running for the shuttles now. Wilson ordered the last couple of guys to the shuttles, Half of them made it, the rest where picked off by snipers that were buried in the sand. He two began to run for the shuttles now, he could feel he was being aimed at and he heard the sound of small impacts in the sand at his feet, just a few more feet. he took a grenade from his belt, pulled the pin and threw it away, that would give him some cover. he stepped on the iron shuttle door and signalled the pilot that he was the last one, just as he pushed the button to close the door, he saw four men come running out of a dust cloud, "Wait! they're still out there!" he yelled to the pilot. "I can't wait any longer, we have to go!" the pilot yelled back. when he saw one of the men get hit in his leg and falling down, he knew they wouldn't make it. he looked up and saw one of the Hellcats fall from the sky and crash in the distance. He pushed the button and they took off. Wilson took a seat next to a soldier, he grabbed his bottle of water, toke a few sips and thought to him self 'how many men did we leave behind? what will happen to them? will they be taken prisoner? or shot? or disintegrated?' questions ran trough his mind.
"This is shuttle Omega Phi8988, requesting clearance to land onboard the TCS Renegade." the shuttle pilots radioed, "Roger, Omega Phi 8988, you are next in line, welcome back."
A few minutes later the shuttle touched down on the small flight deck of the Frigate. When Wilson stepped out, he saw a man approach him. "Sergeant David Wilson?" he asked. "Yes?" He saluted and gave him an envelop, "Special orders from Confed. HQ." "Thank you." he took the envelop and saluted him back, the man turned around and walked away. Wilson looked at the package, the words "TOP SECRET" were printed on it.

Fleet Admiral Tristan "Twister" Verboom sat in his chair in the huge conference room on the flag ship of the 2nd fleet, the TCS Amazon. He was in a meeting whit the fleet captains and staff officers, but he wasn't really paying attention, his mind kept wondering off. When he snapped out of his thought he looked around in the room and called for attention "gentlemen, please." after a few seconds all was quite and every officer looked at him. "Gentlemen, I have called this meeting because of a critical situation, however, in this meeting I will reveal classified information, and can not be discussed whit your crew, not even your first officers. Is this understood?" there was a short mumble in the room and all was quite again "Good," he continued. "People, this is the situation; we were conducing exercises whit a new kind of weapon, a weapon that could change the tide in this war; a new kind of capmissle/ torpedo that could target 5 to 6 ships per missile, see, as we launce the missile, it would open op and launce a shit load of smaller torpedoes at the targets, if we could fire this at a Kilrathi fleet the results would be devastating for them" the noise in the room raise again. Captain Rik "No regret" Wuyts raised his hand and asked; "but sir, what's to terrible about that?" "well the problem you might know, capmissles are very easy to intercept, even in a thunderbolt or even a longbow bomber. so we wanted a cloak in it." "like the skipper?" Captain Senno "Stevie Star" During asked. "Exactly, well as it turned out, even them it was verily easy to destroy it. we needed a cloaked missile that didn't have to skip in and out of stealth mode every 2 seconds to maintain a lock on the targets, and..." he paused for a moment "well we found a way..." the whole room looked surprised "How? The greatest technicians have been working on that for years." said Rear Admiral Sammy "Vondoom" Childress, "yes well, I don't know all the technical details myself, but whit a tight scanner beam in the nose of the missile it could "SEE" and track it's targets while still cloaked." he answered "well why didn't you deploy it?" asked fleet Captain Chris "Kalkrath" Gordon "well, first of all we still needs to install it into the missile, and second we still haven't tested it yet." "So what are you waiting for, give the green light." Commodore Marco "Slayer" Schiphorst commented, and the room became noisy again. "Gentlemen, gentlemen! its gone..."

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