SMII- Bakhtosh lives!

Max Gene

I've heard tales of how long ago, people would mess with a few files so they could play WC1 in SM2, making use of better frame rates and flying against Dralthi MkII, with Jazz and Doomsday appearing as well.

Ends out that doing the reverse can be rather amusing, at least in Kilrathi Saga. Transfer a character to SMII, but load him up using WC1. Apparently the same flag is used in marking Drakhai as designating a pilot as the ace of his craft... which is probably old news for those who have been mucking around with those files before.

But you see where I'm going with this, right? If you actually played through the Vega campaign before doing this, Bakhtosh should be dead.... but he comes back to life in the mission of 3 Fralthis. Once for each Drakhai, meaning you get to fly against several clones of the royalman douche. Makes the mission much easier as they all fly using his rules instead of those of the Drakhai's. Cheating? Yeah. Worth doing just for laughs? Heck yes. This brings a number of other aces back to life- I fought with Bhurak, as well.

Anyone know what else I could've unlocked with my antics? EDIT: Khajja appears in the very first mission, as well. This is the stuff of bad fanfiction, usually. :p


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His post was more about the reverse - unusual effects of playing SM2 in WC1. Playing WC1 files in SM2 was an old trick to take advantage of SM2's frame rate limiter. You could do things like rename the savegame files to SM2's extension and load them up to see Dralthi II's and Jazz in WC1.