Sizzling Action Scene for Your Desktop (August 25, 2022)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Mac is back with a belated but very much appreciated birthday gift! In honor of our 24th anniversary, he's put together another super slick wallpaper. This one is inspired by Freedom Flight and the adventures of the corvette TCS Johnny Greene. It's being harassed by a wing of Dralthi with a Rigakh in hot pursuit. Another fabulous scene - and ready to fill your 4K displays!

Happy Belated Birthday to the Wing Commander CIC! Without them, my job as a YouTube Lore Guy would be much harder.

I would have liked to say something the day of, but at the time I was somewhere over the Pacific. So here's part of a thing I've begun working on.

Original update published on August 25, 2022
Very cool!
Speaking of the Venture Class, being over the Pacific, and my "other car"...