Secret Ops - Temp Call Sign and Reg Code

Mr P

Can anyone provide me with a temporary name and registration code for SO, until the server is back up and running. Downloaded this game first time around and burnt it onto a cd, but forgot to put reg code for my call sign onto CD, decided to play again and can't install as reg site is down
I too am trying to receive the registration info and have been unable to get any information from any of the origin support areas...Would any of you out there be inclined to forward on your registration info, so I might be able to play?
Try this:

Callsign: 1
Reg Code: 228

Probably the shortest WCSO reg code that exists

Mario "HCl" Brito
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HCl, very creative choice of callsign there

(Just out of curiousity did you use that to try and figure out how the reg numbers were made? (That's the only reason I can think of to register 1...)

CAG of the Blacklance HQ
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HCl!!! Glad to see you're still around, if only in a limited fashion. I don't suppose you could tell us what process you used to work your magic with the different engines....
TC: Good guess, but no.. it's the shortest reg code i could find (so it's easy to memorize) but there's no direct proportion (both the reg codes for callsigns 0 and 2 are larger than 228).

Stinger: I'm still online, so i check the CIC as often as i can. I'm not sure i understand your question tho (non-english speaker here, sorry). If you wanted to know what tool i use the most, it's definitely my hex editor (very useful for analizing data). I think the one i use is up on my site's official mirror (PopsiclePete's).

Mario "HCl" Brito