Scaling issue if Windows display scaling >100%


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I've noticed a weird resolution/scaling bug when I was trying to start Standoff on my 2560x1440 monitor with a 125% scaling applied to it (via the Windows 10 display options). The rendered image seems to be scaled accordingly and is therefore too big for the screen and you only see the top left section of it.
This also occurs when you run the game in the windowed mode, i.e. you have to use 2560/1.25= 2048 for the width instead of the 2560 to get the full screen width.

When I disable the scaling / reset it to 100% it appears to work as expected, although I haven't tested it further than to the bridge so far, as I've just discovered that the display scaling was the reason while writing this very post.

My graphics card is an Nvidia Geforce 1660 Ti, running on Windows 10 x64.