Rufus & Robot - Part I: The Reckoning

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
There once was a man named 4Robot3. And his best friend in the whole world was a brown and gray puppy named Rufus. So, one day 4Robot3 and Rufus were walking along the canal where they lived...
"Look", cried 4Robot3, "I can see a mule from here!", and he pointed at a mule.
"That is indeed a fine mule, kind sir", answered the shopkeep, who had not previously been introduced.
"You look a lot like Super Mario", exclaimed Rufus.
"You're kind to an old man", replied the shopkeep, "Although I know you were just trying to work a physical description of me into this story."
"Indeed I was", stated Rufus flatly, for he realized that the story had gone nowhere.

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Stories are supposed to have points? Damn, of course! Why couldn't I have thought of that? I'll have a point in part 2.
wonders why LOAF puts up a fanfiction board if he dislikes it anyway

The time is near.
There are still quite a few days remaining.

Hail to the king, baby.
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No Regret said:
wonders why LOAF puts up a fanfiction board if he dislikes it anyway
Nobody said anything about disliking the Fan Fiction board. The man wanted to share his work with others. And even if someone on the staff didn't like fan fiction, that wouldn't mean we'd choose not to have a fan fiction forum.