Righteous Fire vs. Privateer


Hi all,

I started a thread about this a few weeks ago... am getting back into the game, and
here's my dilemma.

I've finished Privateer (with a few hints from this group, thank you ;-), and
have been playing RF having loaded my FINISHED.SAV from Privateer .... BUT...
the only NEW things in RF that I 've seen
so far are some items that can be traded at
the Commodity Exchange....

I haven't seen any new characters and haven't
encountered any new storylines. Do
I have to travel to some particular site
to get RF's storyline ? All I know is
that it is supposedly an anti-Retro sequel
to Privateer.

Please help ?



I hope this helps some.
If I remember correctly you have to go and seee one of the old characters first. That'll get things rolling. I think it's that pirate chick on Pentonville.

But I recommend you play Privateer a little while longer with the Steltek gun and make a truck load of easy cash. Then you'll have enough creds to start RF and buy fusion/fission (whatever) cannons and all the other new goodies
That way you can go and start the story line without having to dick around to make extra cash ...

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Well, maybe you should go see if they know anything at the Oxford Library?

Afterwards, seek out other employers. You will find them at well known locations, such as New Constantinople, Perry, and so on. And yes, at Pentonville too. It helps to be on good terms with the pirates, though. I hate having to fight in asteroid fields
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