REQ: Klav's WC1 Saga Ship model pack for Knossos.


Rear Admiral
Hi all,

I wanted to know if there was anyone that would be able to package Klavs' freespace2 models into Knossos, to let other projects refer to it. I have been playing with it in FRED and it's truly a rush to take on sorthaks in a ferret.

I can help if need be, or do it, if I get all the author's permissions.
For what it's worth, you have my permission to use the models however you want, but I didn't have anything to do with the FS plugin.
I put all of Klavs' WC1 ships into Knossos. Just download the mod and place the WC1ships25.vp file in your Wing Commander Saga Root directory (eg: C:\Games\FreespaceOpen\Wing_Commander_Saga\Wing_Commander_Saga-0.9.4) and you should be good to go.

By all means feel free to have fun with it and make more missions!
I put it up in knossos!