Well I was certainly suprised to come across this "museum".

I was browsing "Morrowind" mods and started wondering what ever happened to Origin Systems. So I did a search and here I am.

I used to play Ultimas III, IV & V consistently back in the day. I was so inthrawled with the game that I eventually wrote a letter to Richard Garriott (Lord British) asking questions about how he got started and the like. Fan mail being what it is I never expected an actual reply but I got one! A personal letter from Richard Garriott explaining how his father was an astronaut and his mother an artist and how he got started. It was an excellent letter and quite an exciting day for me.

I really appreciate the fact he took the time to do that so naturally I'm curious as to what he's doing these days and if he ever plans to "get back in the game".

I've been browsing the museum and have found it particularly enjoyable. Brings back a lot of fond memories. I didn't realize "Mariah" was a real person. That was one of my favorite characters. I recall dropping off the other party members just so I could take Mariah out and level her up turning her into a formidable "battlemage".

Some years ago I bought the "Ultima Collection" CD for PC. It's certainly not a collectors item at this point but at least I can play the games I used to enjoy.

Thank you for all your effort.

Greetings Trelain!

Thanks for the compliments! We're still adding new things all the time, so please visit us often!

YES--it's very cool that Garriott used to answer his mail--I don't know if that is still the case. Do you still have the letter? We'd love a scan!

Mariah, if you didn't already know, is a character that was based on Richard Garriott's personal assistant, Michelle Caddell. We were very fortunate to meet her, and she is a very charming lady, who was wonderful to us. Aside from her business duties for Richard, Michelle is a horse enthusiast and owner, and rides regularly.

Richard is now co-owner of NCSoft--a Korean-based company that specializes in MMO games. Their big hits include Lineage, City of Heroes, and Guildwars. NCSoft is also developing Richard's new game 'Tabula Rasa' which is due out soon--check it out here:

Don't dismiss the Ultima Collection so readily as a collectible. Although it is a more recent title, the original boxed version (with the gatefold cover) still brings higher prices on Ebay.