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I dug up Chapter 2 of my story, which has mysteriously dissappeared...having read your suggestion in one of Dralthi5's posts I tried to add a reply to it and recieved this message:

Sorry, we could not post your reply to this topic. Contact your bulletin board administrator and inform them that they may have may run out of available disk space. Their web host may be preventing them from posting new files.

Since you are the mod of this 'ere forum, I'll leave it up to you

'Do what thou wilt. So mete it be'.

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Yeah, unfortunately my theory about threads reappearing when posted into seems to have a fatal flaw. Essentially, what has to be done is that it needs to be reconstructed, post by post, in a new thread. <Sigh> Yes, I guess that "honor" falls to me, since I'm the Moderator out here. So, give me the thread number, and I'll get started.
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