I'll admit it, I'm an ambitious guy. So, rather than starting with a joke (Remember that 'john jackson and jack johnson' story?) I'd rather begin with a complete novelisation of the events before and during WC5: Prophecy.
This includes:
1. 2672: Blair is transferred from the BWS flight instruction program to work on a new supercarrier design for Confed
2. 10 years later: The essential crewing of the megacarrier TCS Midway (ie: how Hawk, Maniac, Wilford etc. got involved)
3. The fulfillment of the Prophecy (So, all of the dry stats and timlines at the beginning of the manual will be explored in detail, with gory deaths and explosions)
4. Casey (Frosty, any objections?) and Maestro's assignment to the Midway
5. The destruction of the Kilrathi battlegroup, which leads to the Midway's involvement w/ the Nephilim
6. et ceatera, until the destruction of the wormhole, and the death of Blair (Which will be handled with no more certainty of his demise than is implied in the final cutscene)
Some things I'd like to know before I begin:
1. Has anybody done this before?
2. Are there blueprints for the Midway anywhere online
And I'll post more conflicts as I think about them, but those 2 questions are rather important: I don't want to undermine or repeat past works, and the blueprints would help a GREAT DEAL in planning out actions, damage, descriptions etc.
Post your thoughts
That sounds like an interesting idea, which I don't think has been done before (and if it has, it wasn't done right). Keep in mind that it won't be easy for you to pull this off while remaining true to all the canon stuff - but if you can do that, it should be really good :).
We-hell then, if I have Quarto's endorsement, perhaps I'll start working. I realise this will be very difficult, but i'll try to stay as close to the game as possible, while injecting as much realism and drama as I can. I'll post a synopsis of Part One later this week.
A few notes...
1. The problem here is that 2672 is a year *before* WC4 -- which took place in '73. And, unless Sol became a Border World, Blair was never a member of their flight instructor program...:) Plus, there were several years after WC4 when he *wasn't* working on the megacarrier program...
2. The stories behind how most of these characters became involved with the project are in the Prophecy Official Guide -- not that there's anything wrong with telling the stories, you should just take that information as a baseline.

It sounds like an interesting concept, though.

We don't have deck-plans for Midway... I have some five-view pictures, showing her from different angles.
1. Oops, got my dates mixed up. Okay, how about 2675 then? Plus, I'll be focusing on the last few weeks of Blair's involvement on the Midway program, where he is assigning the command positions to some old friends.

2. I don't have the Official Guide, but I've been using the 'Definitive Guide to the WC Universe' online as a source for character and timeline info. (Is this a reliable source?)

Any pics of the Midway I can get are gravy, thanks LOAF. Are they online? If not, can you send them to me?

Thanks again LOAF and Quarto

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