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Did someone test prophecy in multi recently, because I am unable to create a server: "Authentification error, re-enter username and password". This happen all time i try. Thanks for answering.
It's an known issue stemming from how HCl setup WCP MP.

HCl knows about it and should hopefully have a fix at some point. Unfortunately, he's a very busy guy and hasn't gotten to it yet.
As I read here, the multiplayer mode is back available. I have a clean setup of Prophecy and registered here, at the scoreboard registration page (and saved my then presented password). But I don't know what to do next in order to get the multiplayer mode work. I need to download and install a patch, I guess though.
I have downloaded the archive and unpacked it into my Prophecy directory. When I start "multiplayer.exe" and choose "Server", a username and password prompt appears. I enter both. But I get a message that my password is wrong. I am sure that my password is correct.

2020-01-04 13_52_43.png

I have tried both IDs and also my username from the forum, here. Nothing worked. Is it possible that my username must not contain a dot?

By the way, which is my correct ID, the upper or the lower one:

Registration Scoreboard.png

Your multiplayer username is wiese.hano, the numerical IDs are there for informational purposes only. A recent database upgrade has broken something, I'm trying to fix it.
Seems to work now. Thank you. I forwarded port 5555. Now I'm just waiting for other players. :D
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