Prophecy Demo

The 3DFx test is a different beast and is incompatible with the other renderers (DirectX, OpenGL...), unfortunately.
So there's no easy fudge to change that? Other than installing a glide wrapper obviously.

What about getting the missions to run in the other demo?
I updated the WCP demo installer with a minor fix: I corrected every ship VDU image so that the game won't show up those pesky white lines besides them. You can download the updated WCP Demo installer here.

Here are before/after shots with corrected VDU ship images. Before:

After, with fixed images:
Thanks for updating this(sorry for the necro but I haven’t been around for a while) I still really appreciate it and I hope others do too!
on the previous point of feeding the missions into WCP proper, I can check the demo package and see how they were put together. It might be possible to do it as an Easter egg. Ib don't know if it could be added into the campaign without breaking the experience
That would be cool! Does anyone know if these were cut missions originally intended to be in the game? Or where they specifically made just for the demo?