Prophecy and Secret Ops in XP (was: WCP video question)

Hehehe, sorry for my post, then. I thought you were just one of those who insisted in asking without trying. Didn't see the request for the stats.

It would be easier for everyone if we compiled all the info on running each game on each OS in single documents. Like people do in TTLG. Sometimes it is confusing to find the actual info amidst the requests and rants.
It would be easier for everyone if we compiled all the info on running each game on each OS in single documents. Like people do in TTLG. Sometimes it is confusing to find the actual info amidst the requests and rants.
Yes, I had that idea, too. Already wanted to start with Wing Commander I. :) - When I realized how BIG that would have to be cause of the so many different OSes as well as different WC versions and PC setups. And after a few weeks posting around here, I totally gave up this idea - at least for now. BUT if we devide the work to different people (everyone one WC) It might be possible to do so, but still wuite hard to cover all main probs. Just remember the current stickies which are already quite big but still don't help enough. :(

Heh that post was addressed to Edfilho, sorry for the vagueness. Thanks for your help again WUQKED, as always you are sharing your great insight on how to get WC to work on today's systems
*g I though you meant me :D - No thanks needed, just doing my best ;) I just collected the stuff I read so far. - Which only helped one of 3 rigs I tested :( - But hey, at least my main WC rig can run it now.
No problem Edfilho :)

Question: I'm trying to run Secret Ops, and I need to enter a callsign and registration. How can I get through this now that doesn't work anymore?

EDIT: Apparently, I registered for this one month ago. But when I use my callsign and registration number, it says the two don't match :(

EDIT: And the reason for that was because I missed a digit on the registration code. Silly me. And Windows 98 Compatibility mode works for both Secret Ops AND Prophecy for me. :) Special thanks to WUQKED and everyone else who helps those of us who haven't played Wing Commander in almost a decade to relive it.
Hi Im Just Got WCP.
I got the same probs about the video scenes going way to fast.
I tried all of the solutions on the thread and wanted to know If I mane be one of those who cant play this game at all..

WIN XP Pro Sp2
AMD Xp 2400+
512 DDR 3200
Nvidia FX 5600 256XT
SB Audigy 2.

Any help would be appreciated.
Try out the "video skip fix" made by HCl - it's in the wcnews files section:
Normally that should work ;)
Good luck.
Hey this is a sweet prog...

So is there anyway I can use it to make the movies in the game run slower?

How Can I make it so this works on the actual game movie....
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? I thought you just have to install it, that's it. - At least that's how it worked for me...
or wait: You are talking about WC Prophecy and not WC Privateer? I ask, cause you just said wcp and complained about movies too fast, and not about skips - like usual (ok, those skips sometimes are so short, so that it looks like the movie runs too fast)
WCP Working in XP Pro

I am doing a clean re-install from a GHOST-ing and decided to try WCP on my newer, custom-built machine.

SPECS: P4 3.0 HT, 1GB PC3200 DDR, 160GB Sata HDD, 120GB SATA HDD, 20GB ATA HDD, DVD/CD-RW, DVD+/-RW, SB LIVE!, PNY FX5700 ULTRA 128MB, Intel 865GBF Mobo, Pinnacle STUDIO DV/AV Card, MS Force Feedback 2 joystick.

First try I had the "movies on speed" effect, with skipping. Maniac is even more hilarious at 10x speed.

Went to WIN95 Compatability Mode. Didn't help.

Went to DirectX controls, turned off sound accelleration. Game now runs fine with the exception of occasional, infrequent "stutters" on the movie clips.

It was interesting to note that the default video mode was SOFTWARE. Looked terrible, worse even than my old P3-500 w/ a GeForce 2. Switched to D3D mode, looked wonderfull.

THANK you for all of your help!

Hard Drive size . . .

Oh, BTW: I could only do the medium install. It did not report enough room for a full install, even with 47.5GB free on the drive.

Any idea why?

Probably too much free memory. The game probably has a bug that expects HDs to be at max 47 gb or somesuch. This results in the HD detection to report 0,5gb which is too few. Something like that. Happens quite frequently with older games, but whouldn't really with WCP area games.
I've been able to run the original Prophecy game for a while now by turning of the sound acceleration as recomended.

I just acquired Prophecy Gold and tried to install the Secret Ops element. Install that is not play...

Will not install and I get an error message that I don't have a "glide" component. That message isn't displayed when I installed the original Prophecy (without secret ops).

System Details:

Advent T9301.
XP service pack 1
Pentium IV
ATI Radeon X300PCI Express

Do I need to install (or reinstall) Prophecy from the "Gold" package to get the secret ops installed?

If it turns out I cn't run the SO game then thats something I'll have to live with, but it would be preferable to at lest be able to install it...

Any suggestions?
input : dfetch out of loop

I get the message in the title sometimes (more often in heavy battles). Otherwise Prophecy works perfect in Xp, thanks to the patches on the wing commander CIC site. :cool:
Looks like a problem with directx.
Anybody know how to resolve this? It's really annoying when you've almost completed the mission & you get thrown out. :(
Doesn't the message more look like this "dinput: fetch fell out of loop". If so your joystick is faulty and/or was disconnected in mid flight.
cff said:
Doesn't the message more look like this "dinput: fetch fell out of loop". If so your joystick is faulty and/or was disconnected in mid flight.

Yeah, thanks. I'll check that (My Joystick is very old)
I probably sent this message before but I will check again later. But is there anyway possible to make the cinematics run smoothly than skipping scenes and all.
I am running Prophecy (no secret ops...grrrrrr) on winXP on a P4 2GHz, the game play is fine but the in betweens are annoying the crap ouf of me
Well I use a notebook for the game and I've found that the built-in Realtek codec works fine with the game while my Audigy Notebook PC Card does the video skipping. So, all I do is pop out the Audigy PCMCIA card and run it with the crap onboard audio :)

Biggest difference between the two is that the Audigy has hardware acceleration of audio channel mixing, while the Realtek codec does it all in software. AND, when you guys drop that acceleration slider all the way down it turns off any hardware accleration your audio card does. So, I'd say the game's problem is with DirectSound hardware acceleration.

This is under XP SP2, A64, 1gig PC3200, Radeon 9600, Glide wrapper, WCP high res patch 1024x768.
Just thought I'd add my 2 cents worth. I'm on a Win2K machine, but I did manage to get SecretOps running. Here's the steps I took:

1. Install Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (duh).
2. Create a new entry, setting the compatibility mode to Win98.
3. Modify the entry to add the ACM shims and ALL of the shims that start with "Heap".
4. Install the fix and run.

As someone else mentioned, it does occasionally crash when you're launching out of the Cerberus. It also occasionally crashes when you reach a new navpoint. These crashes appear to be some sort of synchronization problem that is compounded by faster hardware. Just restart and try again. I've noticed that it can also help if you allow the door opening animation and the mission briefing to complete before flying.

Hope this helps!
OK, you guys will have to bear with me cuz I am still learning on this new window XP. I am a newbie. First of all, my new system is Gateway 704GE and it is Pentium 4 Processor 540. Graphic card is ATI Radeon X300 SE video (128 MB). Now I tried to load my Wing Commander Prophecy and it was too fast for my video and sound. Please, please explain to me STEP BY STEP of how to load these thing into the system. PLEASE BEAR IN MIND, I am not a computer genius to know where and how to do it right way. I need your help. I am asking you to give me instructions step by step where I could install the game correctly, because I couldn't get it right the way I have done it on my old system window 98se. It is really confusing for me to read on and researching your Forum and it is not clear enough. Yeah, I would assume that you guys think that I'm a moron. I'll take that as a compliment. What do I have to do first thing first??
Ok. I'll try my best :)

1. Install the game, like you did.
2. Download this file:
3. Open this zip-file with Win-Zip or Win-Rar or Win-Ace or what ever you prefer. - Windows itself should also be able to open it, but not sure :confused:
4. Extract or Copy both files to the directory where you installed Wing Commander Prophecy in. There should be already a file called prophecy.exe. - You will be asked to overwrite existing files. Do it.
5. Start the game. Now the video-skipping should be gone.
6. Have Fun! :D