Privateer's Unused Noses (March 6, 2023)

For me it's more shocking that you still haven't had the time to answer my short private message concerning Privateer...
I think we all have way too many email/messaging systems with huge numbers of backlogged messages. I emailed LOAF a question about the fusion gun in 1996 that I'm still waiting for a reply on (true story), so get in line. :) If you actually want to reach anyone for a quick reply on something, I would recommend the CIC Discord.
Hello! I'm sorry I missed the message. Chris is right, I do not always see much on the boards. The post here was generated from a news page update that was mirored from my Twitter :D Checking messages again!
Thank you Chris and Ben, I've received a response and I hope I can find what I'm looking for. It was indeed a great birthday surprise! ;)
If I ever find the hidden jump points again (as I did in 2012)... the CIC and the forum will be the first to know.

By the way: I don't have Discord and I even don't use social networks and so on... I even don't have a smartphone. Still using my old Nokia N82 from 2008. And it's still functional. Maybe I'm old fashioned... or just like Maverick from Top Gun 2. I'm hanging on to old relics. :)

(Loved the F14 Tomcat)

Update: So far I've had no luck. I've written another message to Ben and I hope he reads it. The provided sector data is from the original Privateer. Because there seem to be some nav points missing in Blockade Point Alpha (Sector05.xmf). I've now taken a look at the original RF.TRE file and will take a look at it with an editor (hex). I'll keep you updated.
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