Privateer2-Way 2 fast


I got a bit of a problem with Privateer2. I used to be playing it on a P75 with 8Mb of RAM, but recently got rid of it and built a Cel 400 with 32Mb of RAM a SB128 and a Voodoo Banshee. Now when I try to play the game on this computer it is a completely unplayable speed. I spent an hour and a half trying to shoot down one ship one night! Could anyone help me to slow down the game speed here, without having no less than 30 programs running in the background?
OK, P2 has a built in frame rate limiter but it conflicts with many things. You seem to be running in Windows so you will need a cpu limiter that will work without messing up windows (turning off L1 and L2 cache or using MOSLO makes Windows very cranky) I don't remember the names of any of them so I'll need some help with this one...


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Well, it looks like you're one of the "lucky" few who get to experience this problem; even the folks at Origin have no idea what causes it, although they are aware of the problem. My guess is that the Banshee has something to do with it, but unless you have another video card lying around, we have no way to test that.