Privateer Online and Privateer 3

It's been a while since I've looked at the material for these games that almost happened. I'm currently rereading the P3 script, and it looks very neat.

Anyways, is the material for these two games still considered part of the Wing Commander continuity since Arena and Star Soldier came out?
And a Space Point for you.

The details included in these scripts and outlines are not part of the canon, but many of the events did 'happen'... since Star*Soldier pays tribute to several of these projects by including them in the updated timeline (and mentioning ships and characters elsewhere.)
Hey LOAF, do you know if any of the ship models for Privateer Online and Privateer 3 were ever released? I would love to convert them, and try to put them into a mod.
They were not - but you can find various sketches and screenshots, if you'd like to recreate some of them...