Privateer installation help in DosBox!

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Hey all out there, it's been a good minute since I was back on here as member ExcalPilot1, but that account has been lost to the space particles of time. Anywho, so I just got my copy of Privateer in the mail, 6 3 1\2" and 3 3 1\2" floppys so speech pack in bonus! I can't get the game working in dosbox though for some strange reason. Upon install is says insert disc 6 and press any key. I do that. Then it says to insert disc 1 again and...... nothing. It just repeats the same Insert Disc One message over and over. I bought the game off Amazon and was really forward to playing it soon. Anyway, if anyone out there knows of a free patch or work around to get this awesome game working, I'd appreciate it so so much. I'd just go buy the copy off GOG but that's not the same things as collecting the games in the ways that I do. Thank you all for your time, happy Memorial Day!
It's been a while since I actually installed a WC game off of floppies. I don't even remember if the files are compressed or not. You could try copying all the files on the disks to a directory on your harddrive and try installing from there. I know with the CD versions you can copy the files over, and just run the setup step to configure your sound card and such and ignore installer part that copies things to the harddrive. I only ever used the CD version of Privateer though so I don't really know if that will work in this case.

In any event, not sure if they will help but there's some pointers for getting the game to run in DOSBox here
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Also if this works, will this work with the Speech Pack?
It's possible but I honestly haven't tried it. I mostly use the CD version, which already has all the audio replaced. The speech pack is an interesting one because it has different voices than the CD version.
I tried putting the files in a folder for dosbox, but they were all titles as .zip files with the same name. And when trying to expand them I get an error message of file corruption
Yea so I still can't get the game to run past the install and after looking on all the compressed disc files I discovered that they'd been corrupted, so I couldn't just dump them in a folder in DoS Box and say the end to it. I did just buy the CD version which should fix this. But really my main fear is that this is not a genuine product
The file format sounds right from what I remember from this type of discussion in the past. Floppy disks of that age can also be somewhat unreliable. I wouldn't say it's impossible it's a fake, but if all the manuals and disk labels look right then it's not going to be that likely. As a general scenario though, back in the day, if I had games on floppies I would very likley have make backups of all the disks for myself as well.
I just ended up buying it on GOG and getting Gold on CD, but I'm still kinda upset that I can't get the floppy's working. I'm almost tempted to buy another copy, maybe disc only just to try and get it working. As a collector it really bugs me that the floppy version I have just doesn't work, and neither version came with the manual: just the reference card. Thank's for the help though, too bad it just isn't working.