Privateer 2 Win95 and Saitek ST90 stick



I'm running Win10 and I've installed Win95 Privateer 2 from CD, and added the DarkFix patch (only), and am up and running.

I can calibrate my joypad for flight, but my ST90 stick doesn't seem to register in any of the internal P2D calibration menu options.

Stick is calibrated fine within Win10, and joypad works fine in internal calibration; is there anything I can do to sort this?

For the purposes of pitching any advice, I'd say my knowledge level was 'low'!

Is it working in-game? Did you select the joystick as input method in the in-game menu ((alt+o inflight)?

I would not worry about calibrating the stick in-game if you can calibrate it in windows and can fly ok.