Power Play Previews Wing Commander III (October 28, 2022)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
We've found another interesting Wing Commander III preview on Internet Archive! This three page article from the September 1994 issue of German magazine Power Play (No. 78) is a unique behind the scenes look at the game coming out of Origin's worldwide press junket for the game. Most excitingly, this article includes a number of behind the scenes images which have not been widely published elsewhere (alongside the very first set of in game screenshots released online by Origin). Come for the early Victory flight deck, stay for the extreme closeup of Flash's helmet!

Original update published on October 28, 2022
Oh yeah, the back to the good old times.
It really felt like a better world then (well just perhaps because I was younger).
Time was flying by much slower... ... I miss the good old times.
Every Saturday was Wing Commander III day. Playing the game on my 486DX4 up and down...

Damn... it's hard to get old...
I remember WC3 took ages to load after launch, I had too little RAM at the time on my 486DX, could only play it properly later on a Pentium a few years later.
RAM was a big factor. 8 megs could mean 10 minute load times. 16 megs (and faster RAM) cut that way down.
Well, I had 16 MB of RAM and a 6x speed CD-ROM drive. I still own some parts of this computer as I migrated them from a big tower into a smaller desktop case, but it was not on for a long time thus the battery is probably empty.
I had a quad speed cd-rom with my first Pentium 90 or 100mhz and then only WC3 ran very nice, loaded levels quick with smooth gameplay, I remember Strike Commander had low FPS on 486's, playable but so much better on a Pentium, like it was made for it....