Polish Wing Commander Includes Unique Blueprints (February 6, 2023)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Dominus of Exult is back with another neat Wing Commander collectible find! It's a copy of WC1 localized for Poland. There are several fascinating elements. The blue box denotes the 'deluxe edition' that would normally include both Secret Missions, although the presence of just three disks implies the expansions are not included (unless there are missing disks). Various documentation bits have been translated, including a copy of Claw Marks. Especially cool are the non-graphical blueprints. They're just glossy blue fold-outs with stats! You would have needed them for the copy protection, but omitting the fighter diagrams is an interesting choice.

Found another odd WC in Poland. Slide cover, 3 floppies, even got the blueprints specs translated but no actual blueprints ;)

Original update published on February 6, 2023
Polish magazines seem to suggest 1993, which make sense with the GUS advertisement in the box.