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First off to all reading persons, sorry its taken me so long to update Front Lines, a christmas holiday with minimal internet connections as well as a shit load of university work and a general lack of insperation haven't been helpful conditions for writing, i'll try and get a new chapter done soon.

In the meantime, i've decided to try my hand at music video creation once more. This one is for the animated series and is to 'Bullets' by Creed.

Another may soon follow.

Also, though this is the wrong place to post this, I finally managed to lay my claws and standoff and it has to be said...Holy Christ that's a good game. Though i am inclined to take back everything nice i have ever said about the Gladius.

If anyone's unfamiliar with rapidshare then scroll down and click on the button marked 'free', then if all goes well just scroll down again and download the file when its ready.

I probably should have emailed this video to the news submisions address, but i had things to say and figured i might as well kill two winged beasts with a single blunt rock based projectile.


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Yeah, rapidshare's pretty annoying. I tried to download it, something screwed up at 99%, and now they won't let me download anything for 75 minutes.


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I really liked seeing those academy scenes put together. You picked some really great shots for this... I just really hate that song.


Odd choice of music but good editing :)

Love the clip from the parting of ways at the end, being from one of the few scenes in which Russel T Davis didn't kill a national treasure.


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That song would drive me to drink if I didn't already


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LeHah said:
That song would drive me to drink if I didn't already

Hehe, I feel the same way.

Maj.Striker said:
Working on trying to get it to download's making me wait 31 minutes? Weird...

Not at all, Rapidshare is evil.

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Hmmm, rapidshare isn't working out too well apparently. I'll email the file to the wc news submisions thing and if there aren't any problems with that then downloading should become an easier matter soon.

Sorry for all inconvinience, download wise and apparently song wise.

Also thanks for all comments.


Mr Kat says...
Looking forward to seeing the video, but I'm having trouble with Rapidshare.

While having dedicated hosting via one's own ISP or a specialist provider is probably preferable, there are some free solutions available, some alot better than others. I've tried using Rapidshare before and wasn't too impressed.

I've been using FileFront's Hosted Management Service for the past few months and have been very pleased with the service.

It accepts most data formats (Zip, Windows Media, .avi, etc), allows one to organise and share files and for most intents and purposes offers unlimited bandwidth and hosting space (the maximum file size per upload is 1GB). The network seems very robust and I've had no problems uploading files (the largest single file being just over 50MB so far). As FileFront primarily hosts PC game demos, files and trailers, the numerous servers sometimes have queues, but usually only after the initial release of a major demo (e.g. Call of Duty 2) or patch, such as the latest WoW 1.9.0 patch, but the on the whole the usage seems well balanced.

Anyway, the CIC usually mirrors/hosts anything Wing Commander related, but to just get a file out there, FileFront should offer a smoother experience than Rapidshare.



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Cheers BrynS. I imagine anything would be better then rapidshare from what i've seen. Anyhoo, I see that the choice of music isn't a popular one, hence for the next academy video i shall leave it to popular demand. (By which i mean that i'll just ask for a list of titles and pick one at random.) Who wants to see what attached to a WCA music video?


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Well, the best music videos aren't just random video scenes and random music playing together. For example, AD really works hard to pick a song that really complements each of his video collections.

Bandit LOAF

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Mine, on the other hand, was just an mp3 played over the WCIV trailer -- and it was gangbusters, *gangbusters*!

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Bandit LOAF said:
Mine, on the other hand, was just an mp3 played over the WCIV trailer -- and it was gangbusters, *gangbusters*!

That video taught me that so long as it had wing commander footage attached to it, i could grow to like any song.

Anyhoo, I guess ChrisReid's right.