Perfect Plan

Thank you for the extra effort -- it was kind of you to take the time. I imagine that finishing up a project like this would make you want to be done as soon as possible.
I know the pain of having to upload a 14-15 MB file over dial-up too. I had to upload the RG file multiple times and I eventually managed to get it to RG's webmaster Cyberion. (and this was during Christmas, too)
There isn't meant to be a briefing for the first mission. The game starts half-way through a mission. won't load the mission. An error screen shows up and tells me that there is no briefing and shuts down the game.
Really? Thats a bug and a half. Try downloading the Christmas RG Pack, I might have missed putting something in.

I'll download Flight Commander 1.4 again and install A Perfect Plan over it to see what the problem is.

EDIT: Works fine with a fresh install.
I'm intending put out another release before Christmas. It should fix up all the bugs and short comings in the current set of missions and introduce a few new features. I'm only intending to fix up and improve the missions which are already out, not make any new ones.

To Do
  • Replace all video with original content.
  • Introduce battle chatter for the second missions.
  • Finish voice acting for the second mission.
  • Fix up the position of the capital ships in all missions.
  • Re-skin all the ships.

Points in italics are possible maybe.